Shattered dreams grow big – International Society

“If you are not a local, you won’t understand how difficult it is to join a society and know what is going on.” Ian Lai, the co-founder of Hong Kong University International Society, encountered such difficulties when he first entered the University of Hong Kong in 2012. After growing up in California, Lai made a […]

Tech Startup: Digitizing tutoring and learning in Hong Kong

Tech Startup: Digitizing tutoring and learning in Hong Kong

In today’s digital age, technology startups has become a staple of sort as more and more entrepreneurs capitalize on mushrooming smartphone and Internet use. This is particularly the case in Hong Kong. Forrester, a prominent research firm, estimates the smartphone penetration rate in this city at 73 per cent for 2015, as opposed to 28 […]

The Mountain Behind HKU

The Mountain Behind HKU

A lot of you have probably been to the main library, Chi Wah Learning Commons, and other places where you can go and take a short break. A lot of you are probably aware of various lecture rooms on the campus. But how many of you know about the mountain that is behind our university? […]

HKU’s Muslim Students’ Association

Since 2009, the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) has been part of the vibrant community of student-led groups at the University of Hong Kong. Hassaan Shah, the current Chairperson of the association and a student of Mechanical Engineering, considers becoming affiliated with the University of Hong Kong Student Union last year as one of the association’s […]

Open your world with films – an interview with the Film Society

Established in 1968, the Film Society of the University of Hong Kong Student Union is moving towards its forty-eighth year since establishment. Sonia Yu, the chairman of Film Society, talks about what makes the society unique and special. LP: First of all, could you briefly introduce the Film Society from your own perspective? S: We […]

The highs and lows of HKU’s ‘hall education’

Exhausted after a long day of lectures and tutorials, hall residents at the University of Hong Kong trudge up the stairs back to their respective halls. After greeting the receptionist in the lobby they head up to their rooms where they are warmly welcomed back home by their floormates. This place is not merely a […]

10 Things All Freshmen Want To Know

Attention, freshmen! Here are some advice for you to navigate through life at HKU.   Work-life Balance Jump out of your comfort zone. Be open-minded and join activities. There are about 130 student organizations affiliated to HKU Student Union (HKUSU). Also, don’t limit yourself to your comfort zone and explore new areas that may surprise […]