Inter-university concert showcases HKU talent

Inter-university concert showcases HKU talent
Photo by Ji Sun Yu / HKU
Photo by Ji Sun Yu / HKU

The Korean Student Union in Hong Kong (KSUHK) held its first inter-university concert on Feb. 23, 2016 at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The concert ‘V15E (VIBE)’ consisted of teams from 5 member universities of KSUHK, namely The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, CUHK, City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

“The reason why KSUHK had prepared this event was to promote the communication between the 5 universities,” said Jisun Yu, a second-year Social Sciences student at HKU and a member of KSUHK.

“We had discussed how we could reach this goal, and the idea of having a concert was the most realistic idea regarding the distance between universities and the different academic schedules they follow,” said Yu.

Most students were excited for this rare, cross-university event. All the tickets allotted to HKU students were sold out ahead of the registration deadline. More than 200 students from Hong Kong universities attended the event.

The concert included various dance numbers, live singing performances and even a live radio podcast. Among them, three performance teams were from HKU – two dance teams, RITMO and PROJECT HEXAGON, and singer-songwriter, Chan Woo Bang.

To RITMO, the VI5E concert was the moment their team spirit stood out. “Before the actual performance, I was very nervous,” said Hyemin Kim, a second-year Journalism student at HKU, who is also the Vice Leader of RITMO. “When our team was backstage, I became emotionally overwhelmed. But, seeing the smiling faces of our crew, I was able to hold myself from crying [out of relief],” she said.

Ji Min Lee, a second-year Psychology student and the head of PROJECT HEXAGON also says the concert was an important moment for her team. “This concert was more meaningful to the team rather than to me as an individual,” said Lee. “It was a good opportunity for us to show other students in Hong Kong who we are and what we can produce as a team. Hopefully the audience could take a glimpse of the type of creative content we will be producing in the future.”

However to Chan Woo Bang, a second year Journalism student who was the only solo-singer at the concert, performing at VI5E meant something else. Bang, as a Youtube musician with a current standing of over 11,000 subscribers on his channel, said the concert was a chance for him to “recall” his old, offline days.

“I believe it is a privilege to sing in front of an audience who is willing to listen to my songs. I want to continue singing and show them how I develop,” said Bang. “I also believe that the fact that the concert had gathered many Korean students around Hong Kong is meaningful. After all, it is hard to gather this many students at a single event,” he added.

VI5E was an enjoyable night for student audiences who made their long way to CUHK from whichever university they come from. “It has been a while ever since I went to a concert,” said Kyung Do Kim, a first-year student at HKUST. “Coming to the concert has refreshed my boring repetitive life. At first, I came to the concert to see my friends outside of school, but observing the vast amount of seats filled with students made me excited,” he said.

Whether or not VI5E will become an annual event is still under discussion. It depends on the next generation of KSUHK. Meanwhile, the videos of the concert by HKU’s RITMO can be found on their Facebook page.

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