Dance to express, not to impress: Behind the scenes of the JointU Mass Dance

Dance to express, not to impress: Behind the scenes of the JointU Mass Dance

Costumes, accessories, energy and fresh faces were seen at the University of Hong Kong’s Happy Park once again this year as the Joint University Mass Dance made a stop at our very own HKU campus on November 11. But behind all the clip-clopping and lasso-swirling moves, what really went on behind the scenes of this successful annual ritual? Read on to know more!

Joint University Mass Dance is a time of utter excitement for the devoted dancers.  Every year, several teams from each university come up with groovy dance numbers and showcase their talent, busting their best moves.

The event is particularly exhilarating and electrifying for the freshmen, since it is their first time being involved in a mass University event.

“Actually, this activity is for freshmen to have fun though dancing,” says Alison Chan, a former HKU dance team member who graduated 2 years ago with a major in Spanish. She is in charge of choreographing the Girls’ Hip-Hop dance this year. “But for those who want to proceed to the actual team, this serves as a stepping stone to feel the environment, the dancing and the fitness before they get to the serious business,” she adds.

The KK Leung concourse is filled with enthusiastic young dancers almost every day going over their routines again and again till they perfect every bit of it.

“I joined this event to make more friends with the locals and just for the joy of dancing,” says Samantha Nadia Sutowo, a Year 1 HKU Journalism student from Indonesia. She is putting in her blood, sweat and tears into the Girls’ Hip Hop team since the practices are undoubtedly grueling. “The practices are definitely tiring but it’s been fun. I mean, if you don’t work, you won’t get anywhere.”

Lester Lam, a first year BBA student, expresses the love for dancing that he has developed in these few weeks. “Practices are really tiring but I look forward to it everyday because my team mates are very fun to hang out with and it’s great to see improvements from our team.” It’s the first time ever dancing for the choppy-haired energetic newbie and like most other freshmen, he is enjoying every single class. “As long as you enjoy being part of a team, the performance and most crucially, enjoy dancing, things will start to get better!” he says with a positive nod.

Dancing, without a doubt, is an excellent way to not only get those endorphins flowing and maintain your fitness but also to get to meet a bunch of new friends. Doesn’t the mass dance do this job perfectly for our somewhat shy yet passionate freshmen?

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