HKU students express outrage on posters around campus

HKU students express outrage on posters around campus

A month ago when the Johannes Chan appointment was turned down by the university council, ranges of angry wall posters and “dai ji bo” 大字報: big font posters were put up all over the campus by students hoping to bring the matter to attention of others. Unlike the postering during Umbrella Revolution, this time the posters were quickly torn down by the University.

With the current chairperson Leong Che-hung’s term ending next week, the whole society is hoping the next chairperson appointed would be able to put the council back on its track (and not someone who openly loathes HKU and still sits in its council). Here’s a revision to the angry students’ expectations of the council.


“China’s boot-licking council members know not of shame.”


“The University of Hong Kong / Current: ALERT Response Level”                                                               Left: “The absurd reasoning in the council”


“Interference with academic freedom = fends off scholars = HKU loses its place in ‘the three best universities’ = no career prospects: are you f_ing awake now?”


Lower, first from the left: “Do you prefer to say you’re from HKU or ‘China National U’? Safeguard institutional autonomy, defend academic freedom.”


Upper: third from the right: “404 not found: cannot find Arthur Li’s contribution to education”      Lower, second from the left: “The Adversity of Hong Kong: CY fans rule HK”                                           Lower, first from the right: “Vice-Chancellor Peter Mathieson’s term ends on 31 March 2019. CM Lo: Can I be the VC? But I don’t have a doctorate! / Council Chairperson Leong Che-hung: term ends on 6 November 2015. Arthur Li: I’ll take the chair for sure!”


Left: “China’s boot-licking council members know not of shame. Students save autonomous HKU”


“Political interference is invading institutional autonomy with Council members rejecting Pro-Vice-Chancellor appointment on no grounds.”



The Pillar of Shame in the background.


“Nowhere to back down”


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