“Two” is the key to pleasant music

“Two” is the key to pleasant music

The weather was splendid at noon and summer breeze was kissing the cheeks of the audience, made up of students, professors and people of all ages. African drums were counting the rhythms cheerfully, while ukulele sounded like ringing bells.

On October 19, a total of four bands performed at the Happy Park, echoing the theme of “Daydreaming Grassland.”

One of the performing groups rendered a song called “sea breeze”, spreading a message to the spellbound audience – music is something that brings people joy and the only reason for playing it is passion as the group always says, “We are like born to play music.”

The duo is called 1:58, a folk music group under Landman Plan, which is a music performance platform for mainland students. The group is also known as “Two to two”. It is an interesting pronunciation that suggests the power of “two”, which can vary in different forms according to the combination of music instruments that each member has talent in.

Its members, Tred Li Hao-lin and Rita Aolei Yi-sang, both of whom were from the same high school in Xiamen, met in the University of Hong Kong and embarked on their music journey.

Back in high school, Rita was in the Guitar Society while Tred then was a member of the third Rock band. Before coming to the university, they just knew each other by name and had never talked to each other.

Rita recalled asking Tred during the summer vacation, “Would you like to form a folk band with me on campus?” Tred directly said yes without hesitation.

When asked why they would decide to collaborate without any specific plans in mind, the duo chorused, “Our minds are in sync; we were school mates for six years.”

Tred said, “We are the only band that participated in the contest this year,” adding that “we started our first rehearsal in the lobby of Lung Wah accommodation just before the contest, and there we met our future band manager.”

It seems that developing a band flowed naturally as it meant to be. A girl noticed the duo as they attracted much attention. Annie, who is now 1:58’s manager, went to Landman for applying managers after observing how they played music. Tred recalled what she said at that time, “Let me be your manager. I love your music so much.”

Music comes naturally when musicians enjoy what they are doing, which in turn brings joy to themselves as well as others. Perhaps 1:58 is the best proof of the statement.

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