The Park of Horror

The Park of Horror

Spooky makeup, insane wigs and ragged costumes can only mean one thing: it’s that time of the year again! Yes, Halloween just passed and what better way is there to celebrate this decades-old holiday than to surround yourself with ghouls and eerie haunted houses, right here in one of Hong Kong’s most loved theme parks?

For many years now Ocean Park has had an annual tradition of revamping its premises with the perfect Halloween attractions, and this year was no exception. With this year’s six haunted houses, also known as the ‘Extreme Screams’, visitors are sure to have an experience literally filled with extreme screams.  

Fans of the highly successful and renowned show The Walking Dead may lose their cool to find out that one of the ghostly shacks is based entirely on the show. Characters pop out in front of you to make you jump, references are etched on the walls and dialogues are played on loudspeakers.

“My friends ended up scaring the people who were trying to scare us,” laughed 18-year-old Shreya Lunawat who was exploring the park with her friends. This was her first time pre-celebrating this magnificent fiesta and it sure did live up to her expectations.

If you want to level up the game and go for something you have never come across before, H15 is the perfect scare location. Lying down, being strapped onto a stretcher and pushed around the mental asylum on your own will allow you a taste of the last breaths at your own funeral.

The fun and thrill don’t stop at the artificial cottages filled with zombies and spooks. As you wander around the streets of the enormous park, you will surely run into parades and shows every now and then. “I really love the atmosphere at the park during the month!” said Tiffany Chan Wing-Tung, an 18-year-old student. “I’m too scared for rides though,” she added.

One of the highlighted shows for those who do not fancy sky-high attractions is Hellympics. Devils and ghosts compete against each other in sports and games to win the ultimate prizes, performing jaw-dropping stunts in the process.

Should your heart desire to unleash the inner child in you while enjoying the festive vibe, Toxic Challenge is another spot you must check off your list. Run around and overcome obstacles in this timed 40-metre inflatable course to put yourself under the excitement of a chase. Besides, you are sure to get a good laugh or two witnessing your friends tumble and roll around frantically!

Pro tips

To get the most out of this special season while being cost-effective, there a few “strategies” you may want to consider.

First, try to schedule your trip on a Friday or the weekend, as you will get a special student discount from the original price of HK$345 to HK$276. Just don’t forget to bring along your student ID!

Another helpful tactic is to stop by the haunted houses during the daytime while they’re still almost empty. When visitors start to flock in during the after-school period, the lines for these attractions can be endless and you can use this window to enjoy the regular rides whose waiting times will be shortened by a great deal. This way, you get the best of both worlds with minimum time wasted on queuing up – efficiency redefined!
Halloween can turn out to be your favorite holiday if you submerge yourself into its spooky and adrenaline-charged nature.  Grab the reading week opportunity and let yourself loose on Halloween with your dearest amigos!


Images: Ocean Park website

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