University is your Treasure Island

I always tell young people to enjoy their lives at college years. This is the most romantic period for a person’s life. One neither needs to worry how others may think of oneself, nor requires to worry if one can earn enough to support one’s living…

University life is like a treasure hunt. There are invaluable items hiding somewhere on the Treasure Island but one may not be able to notice their existence unless a concerted proactive effort would be made. This was the period I started to ask who I was, getting to pay attention to our civic and human right issues; learning to run campaigns at college level based on true democracy (not directed nor influenced by the high school teachers); unveiling and exploring my potentials in performing art; developing leadership skills and, of course, actualising my dreams. These, however, had yet included the memorable dating encounters with those I admired and finally met the beloved one who has walked with me for almost the last 30 years. I must say, I have discovered and have taken so much from the Treasure Island while I also know many of my college friends didn’t get anything out from this as they just didn’t bother to search and just merely took a diploma out after 3 years. (During our time, it was only 3 years of academic experience in HKU). They thought this was the only piece of jade they could find on the Treasure Island.

Thanks to the wonderful experiences that I have accumulated during the period with lots of laughters and tears, these has become my yardsticks and survival tool kits as I venture into the reality of the career world. My confidence at work, consciousness in teamwork and sensitivity to reflections; willingness to collaborate, and feelings for others have set the right path for me to excel at workplace. I also developed a lifelong relationship with a group of great friends who stood by me for the past decades. This is a group of friends that we have grown up together; they will always be there as my cheering team even during the most difficult times without any expectation of returns of gifts.
So, enjoy the treasure hunt. Be bold, courageous and adventurous. You may be Jim Hawkins, discovering the best treasures and carrying them with you for the rest of your life. No matter how much you can hunt, after all, do ensure no regrets!




Christine See Ming Yeung is a ’86 alumni of HKU, and the CEO of United Overseas Bank Limited.

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